Painted Horse
Chromatic Jazz Man
Grand Chief


I would like to introduce myself by telling

you a little about my life. I grew up in

San Diego, California; it was a fun in the

sun lifestyle filled with surfing, golf, tennis

and cycling.

Surfing brought me to the Hawaiian

Islands, where I married and had 3

beautiful children; Cierra, Colton and Chloe

(all three are great artists). Getting home

sick for the mainland, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona. A short time later I found myself in the Hospital as a victim of a violent crime. The recovery process took several months, and I started painting and painting. "WHAM" it hit me ...painting had become my passion.

Life is great now; I live in Fargo, North Dakota and love it!


Next level creations is proud to have partnered with long time Fargo artist Rando. The combination of Randos unique art and our sculpting techniques brings our collaborative pieces alive. These creations with their energizing color and very unique dimension will jump off the wall. Here are a few of our pieces that we feel have taken art to the next level.